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ISPO 2021 = ISPO Munich Online

After around 80,000 visitors were able to find out about everything to do with sports at the world's leading trade show for the sports industry last year, ISPO 2021 will take place as a purely digital event - divided into expo, conference, and public streams.

The effects of the global Corona pandemic are always a topic of conversation. While indoor or team amateur sports are just not happening, many are discovering outdoor sports for themselves. European surveys clearly show the so-called "Covid effect" - last spring, significantly more people did outdoor sports than in previous periods - with running/hiking and cycling at the top of the list of recreational sports enthusiasts' favorites. For the majority, the reason for outdoor sports is the desire for mental and physical health.

Normally, ISPO visitors walk several kilometers through the exhibition halls and dance a little at one of the many parties in the evening. In 2021, you instead get up between and after the digital workshops and conferences and go outside: #itsgreatoutthere

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